Preventing Land Slop with Erosion Control Coconut Matting

erosion control coconut matting

Erosion control coconut matting – Coconut mats have very high tensile strength. It is able to absorb water and cover the soil surface very well. It is possible to promote new vegetation growth and prevent the topsoil from drying out. Coconut mats absorb solar radiation like natural soils as geosynthetic materials.

It also provides support to good soil for up to 5 years. Coconut mat is sufficient for natural vegetation to grow and take over it. It can be relied upon to embankments on slopes with little vegetation or even no vegetation. Another application is for ski slope coatings used to reinforce the course water base. Degradation of coir is very slow underwater and also by microorganisms too.

A coconut mat is a geotextile wich made from organic coconut coir. It is made from coconut coir which is processed by crushing with a coir crusher machine. After being cut into small pieces of coir, it is sieved using a coir sieving machine to produce separated coir fibers and coir powder. This fiber is twisted with a coconut fiber spinning machine to make coconut coir rope and the diameter of the rope can adjust as needed. After the rope is formed, then the coir ropes are woven to become a net.

Coconut Mat is Used for Retaining Sloping Land | Erosion Control Coconut Matting

Erosion can occur due to the erosion of the soil surface by the movement of water or migratory storms that flow at speeds of up to 250 tons per hectare from the soil. This excessive flow of rainwater causes damage to drains and gutters. Usually, this problem can be prevented by the peat or grass above it. In certain conditions, the planted seeds are washed away due to limited time for roots to grow deeper.

In this case, the coconut mat can play an effective role in erosion control coconut matting. The coconut mat provides protection to the soil and is also useful for seeding the grass spread over the mat. The coir mat will hold the seeds and grip the soil, so they can effectively resist erosion in the rainy season. The roots will take on a role in providing permanent vegetation

Using Coconut Mat for Reclamation of Ex-Mining Area

The use of the coir mat becomes erosion control coconut matting that is to be very familiar among mining reclaimers. Because it is proven to be very effective in resisting the erosion of ex-mines. It is able to reforest the ex-mining area combined with the growth of cover crops, or land cover grains.

The nature of coconut coir is able to store water and maintain soil moisture. It is very useful for sowing plant seeds and a vegetation environment formed on it. The material for making coconut mat is strong and can last up to 4-5 years. This is very beneficial for the seeds sown on it to grow without losing grip on the ground.

This coconut mat reduces the impact of soil erosion due to heavy rain and wind flows. After 3-4 years, this coconut mat will begin to degrade the soil by itself and will become nutrients for the vegetation above it.

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