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You’ll have more time and desire to do productive things like go for a hike, finish a project or start a new hobby. The fact is that addiction treatment and recovery can only help you if you are ready to receive that help and reclaim your life from drug and alcohol addiction. And when you are ready, reach out for help as soon as possible. Don’t wait another moment to begin your new life free of drugs and alcohol. Each day brings a new opportunity to heal from drug and alcohol addiction and get sober. There are countless reasons to find help for substance abuse and many resources and services available to help you heal safely on the road to recovery.

Alcohol becomes important to us, and thus, other things take a back seat. As we begin to diminish the role alcohol plays in our life, we have more time to nurture who we really are, and get closer to our ideal selves. Navigating the early recovery identity sober house crisis can be challenging, but it also brings about an opportunity for immense self-exploration. Throughout the recovery journey, changing your drinking behaviors to better align with your character will empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Your memory improves.

I used to believe that sobriety was the ultimate goal. If I could get sober, I would effectively eliminate 90% of the problems in my life and shut down the internal war that had been waging in my brain. Long term goals are very rewarding, and they help maintain habits and ethic.

You’re left with a bunch of waste floating about in your brain while your body is struggles to patch itself together. Recovering from addiction also teaches you about yourself. With this newfound information about yourself, you can craft a new life for yourself that best fits your personal needs. This is especially the case if you’re taking depressants or downers.

You’re less stressed and anxious.

A sober living program for women helps ensure that treatment and recovery are effective. Obligations like work and errands often consume our lives, and we neglect even the fundamentals of caring for ourselves. A healthy relationship with alcohol encourages us to establish a wellness practice. Changing your drinking is in itself an act of self-care and self-love, and it can proliferate into other incredible healthy habits. Many addicts have heard that living a sober lifestyle means abstinence from alcohol and drugs. While this is true, living a sober lifestyle isn’t simply about abstaining from substance abuse.

  • Unfortunately, when actively using, we tend to forget the simple rules of good health and beauty.
  • When you remove substances from the equation, you will rediscover the person you truly are — a person worthy of love, respect, and limitless potential.
  • Rebuilding broken trust may take time, but now you’ll have the time to make it happen.
  • Individuals who enter long-term sobriety after living with a substance use disorder often discover, or rediscover, who they are and their own personality traits.
  • Nothing keeps you in a haze quite like drugs and alcohol.
  • Ethos Structured Sober Living is an all male community in recovery located in the heart of West Los Angeles.

It can take time for triggers to become less sensitive, for alcohol to stop taking over your mindset, and for mental discipline to strengthen. Although it may feel impossible at first, there is a level of distance that time can create. Space from the past can provide a different perspective and allow for clarity that addiction may have previously clouded. It’s no secret that being sober has many benefits over living in active addiction. They include stable neurology, increased energy, ease of falling and staying asleep, improved skin, and, of course, saving both time and money.

Ways Life is Better When You’re Sober

These friends understand exactly what you are going through because they have been there too. There is something about friendships in recovery that is magical. Hanging out with friends who drink alcohol in large quantities can increase the likelihood that you will feel pressured to drink as well. Consider taking a break from friends who might, whether they mean to or not, make you feel pressured to drink socially. “Exercise will boost mood and decrease anxiety and depression. It’s also a great way to meet people in a sober environment,” says Hafeez.

why sobriety is better

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